December 14, 2018

Electrical Safety tips

Electrical safety and thing you need to know.

Things you should know about electricity. It is quite simple “it will kill you” or at least you will wish you were dead. So don’t mess with it unless you are trained and licensed.

Believe it or not as the home owner you are responsible for trades-people working on your home. ie if a plumber or carpenter or anyone else goes into the roof cavity and is electrocuted you may be held responsible. So it is a good idea that you get your home electrical install checked periodically.

If you have not had an electrician out this century we highly recommend you do. Ask the following questions.

  1. Is my electrical install up to code?
  2. Will my electrical install protect me and my family incase of electrocution?

It is important to have your switch board upgraded, all circuit RCD protected and smoke alarms fitted. To give you a metaphorical explanation why you should have this done- think about a car accident they rarely happen but when they do one would want to be in a modern safe vehicle so it can protect them.

Things to look out for.

  • By plugging multiple devices into the electricity this increases the demand. Should the breaker or fuse trip, this should not be treated lightly. Simply installing a bigger fuse or breaker and not assessing the cable will put your home to unnecessary risk. If the cable is not big enough to cope with the draw of electricity this will cause resistance ( friction). This will heat the cable and damage it, potentially causing an electrical fire ?.
  • Using multiple double adapters to connect multiple appliances is not a good idea and can be an electrical hazard.

We hope this article was help full, and be safe around electricity.


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