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Your electrical emergency is our top priority. We have 24/7 emergency electrical call outs to help you run your business uninterrupted.

Power failure or tripping fuses at an odd hour keeping your work on hold? Prompt’s 24/7 emergency call out service makes it possible for you to find a quick solution for all your electrical worries. Any problems with electricity, however simple, need to be looked into by a professional to ensure the safety of your people and property. You also run the risk of potentially hurting your self and other, voiding any warranties or insurance claims if you try to fix problems yourself. Our expert electricians are well trained, certified, and fully insured to deal with all kinds of electrical problems and challenges. You can be confident that we’ll respond to your call quickly and take care of the problem in no time.

If you suspect an electrical emergency, it’s best to turn off your power at the main switch to remove current from your system. This will make it temporarily safe until an electrician arrives on site to diagnose and fix the problem.

Commercial electrical emergencies we service include:

  • Power failure
  • Power cuts
  • RCD tripping, Breaker Tripping & Blown Fuses test procedure clic here
  • Damaged appliances/Equipment breakdown
  • Faulty fire alarms
  • Lighting problems
  • Inverter failure
  • Emergency lighting failure
  • Fuse board problems
  • Security alarm system faults

An electrical problem may be severe or merely an inconvenience. In any instance, leave it to the professionals to do a thorough assessment onsite. Our team at Prompt can quickly identify the location of the fault/failure and provide the best solution for your business. Our experts can also help with data logging and analysis.


Backup Generators for Emergency Power Restoration

Prompt also gives you access to Backup Generators 24/7 throughout the Perth Metropolitan area. If your business can’t wait till a local power failure is fixed, we can help. It’s our aim to have a generator on site and running as quickly as possible so your work doesn’t get stalled.

Our backup generator service is ideal for businesses that require uninterrupted power supply but are running on a tight budget. You can use our service for quick power backup without incurring the capital expense of buying a generator.

If you’re facing an electrical emergency, call Prompt Plumbing & Electrical for a reliable and efficient service. We get to you fast, 24/7 and expertly assess and diagnose any issues and perform the necessary repairs safely. Our rates are extremely competitive with no hidden charges or surprise bills.

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