Energy Management

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Lighting, heating, and cooling are the three predominant consumers of energy in a commercial space. Whether you are looking to save on your electricity bills or reduce your carbon footprint, we can help manage all your energy needs efficiently. Our licensed professionals at Prompt Plumbing & Electrical are available 24/7 in the entire Perth Metropolitan area for expert guidance and service.

Energy Utilisation Assessment/Preventive Maintenance

Assessing your current power usage is a crucial first step to identifying energy saving opportunities in your commercial building space. We can help you analyse data from your meters and identify causes of certain spikes in electricity consumption. Based on this, our electricians can pinpoint whether some devices/connections need to be serviced/replaced and also the cost associated. For ease of real-time monitoring, we also provide smart meter installations that you can use to easily monitor unwanted peaks. Easy monitoring of electricity usage can help you fix any problems before they become big.


Replacement with energy efficient systems

Some amount of energy savings can be achieved by no-cost measures like switching off equipment when not in use. However, sometimes long-term cost-saving plans may require some investment in the short term. For example, switching to LED can provide 80% savings in electricity costs. If you are looking to carry out LED upgrades, we can undertake partial or complete replacements in your commercial space. Our electricians can work with you to identify the most suitable products for your needs from a wide range available in Perth. The new fittings will be made to work with your existing wiring systems. Solar power installation is also a great investment if you are looking to save power. Our team can assess your power requirements and recommend the right system for you. We can take care of the complete installation of solar systems to help you drastically reduce your electricity bills.


Wireless and Automated Systems

The installation of automated systems can help a lot with saving power. We can configure your heating and cooling systems to detect the weather outdoors and moderate the energy utilised accordingly. This can help save a lot of electricity while still keeping the temperature in your building very comfortable. We also install smart lighting solutions that can automatically switch on or off depending on the occupancy, planned schedules, daylight sensing, and weather conditions. Such installations are especially useful in rooms and hallways that don’t require light constantly. In addition to these services, for open spaces that are difficult to wire, we can install wireless solutions that work with sensors.


Whether you require an evaluation of your existing energy systems or are looking for new installations, call us for an obligation-free quote. Our expert technicians at Prompt Plumbing & Electrical will provide you with the most superior workmanship.

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