Water Filters

Can't stand the taste and smell of the tap water? We hear you!

We are your local plumbing company. We care and know the best water filter for your family needs. Whether you need a new water filtration system installed in your home or a replacement filter for your existing filtration system, our licensed technicians at Prompt can take care of your family.


Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Homes in and around Perth are supplied by a variety of water systems ranging from Rain water collected in the dams, Desalinated water and Bore water. Depending on the source of the water, the water may have certain smells or qualities that make it unappealing for drinking or even use in regular household functions. Our many years of experience in the Perth Metro Area has given us a good understanding of the variations of water based on locality. If you need advice on your water source benefits of a whole-house filters, our experienced professionals at Prompt can come to your home and help you identify what type of filter would be best for your specific location and water supply. Call us! We are expecting your call.

Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Do you notice a metallic or swimming-pool like flavour in your drinking water? Water in Perth is chlorinated, giving it the taste and smells of chlorine-can come through rather strongly. In addition, your water may well pick up flavours of the piping that it goes through along the way. Water also routinely contains heavy metals, rust and minerals. When this is the case, many people end up buying bottled water or a stand-alone water filter for their home. If this is you, it may be time for you to consider a better, more economical solution – a drinking water filtration system. Installing a good water filter right into your kitchen tap will solve your problem and supply your home with an unlimited amount of clean, odourless drinking water at a fraction of the cost, and effort. Call your local expert at Prompt Plumbing and Electrical for the best products and advice on the market!


Water Filter Replacements

At Prompt, we carry a range of taps and water filters available – both in design and brand. We will work with you to find the right replacement for your current filter. Our specialised technicians will install your new filter with a lifetime warranty on workmanship, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on our service.


Our expert professionals at Prompt Plumbing and Electrical are here to service your plumbing needs all throughout Perth, any time of the day or night. Call our highly experienced plumbers today to receive the most affordable solution, the highest quality workmanship and the friendliest customer service in the area.

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