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Convert Your Home into an Energy Efficient Zone

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High electricity bills burning a hole in your pocket? Looking for a way to stop power wastage? An effective Energy Management solution is the answer to both questions. Managing energy is nothing but applying smart electrical solutions to reduce power consumption and increase efficiency. You not only end up saving costs this way but also have a positive impact on the environment. Our team of experts at Prompt can help by designing customised energy management solutions to suit your needs. To start with, we use advanced technology to conduct an electrical energy audit of your home and an analysis of your energy usage. The information found through this process is then evaluated to find opportunities for better energy management and to reduce inefficiencies.


Power Saving Solutions

At Prompt, we pride ourselves on making the most out of advances in technology to provide you with the best possible electrical solutions. We offer the latest range of power saving solutions to help your home become more energy efficient.


Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades

Don’t rush into buying solar system before u consider Switching to LED-lights can lead to almost 80% of electricity savings while giving out a brighter light. Our experts can recommend the best suitable lighting options for your home depending on the location of installation and lighting needs. We can take care of retrofitting your home to energy efficient lighting and also perform repairs on existing systems.


Programmable Thermostats and Timers

Heating and cooling systems make up a large chunk of your total electricity bill. We can work with your existing systems or install new ones to better manage the energy consumption. Thermostats and timers can control the heating and cooling based on room occupancy, time of day, recent weather trends and more to ensure that there is no wastage of energy.

Power Consumption Meters

To maintain an energy efficient home it is very important to know about the exact areas of energy inefficiencies. We can help you set up power consumption sub-meters that allow you to monitor electricity usage in different parts of your home or business. This way you will be able to accurately identify if the problem lies with your lighting or HVAC equipment. We also install modern systems which can be accessed through a secure online connection allowing you to monitor trends even when you are not at home.


Generator Installation and Maintenance

Home generators are designed to provide electricity when there is a power outage. Your home generator is connected to the home wiring system through an automatic transfer switch, so you don’t experience any interruption in power. Our team of expert electricians at Prompt have years of experience working with all types of generators. We can help you with the installation of new units and even with the maintenance and repairs of your existing generators. For any emergency repair needs, we are also available on call 24/7 throughout the Perth Metropolitan area.


At Prompt, we understand the need to continue to evolve electrical systems with changing times. With years of experience under our belt, we are able to undertake even the most complex tasks to meet your energy management goals. We guarantee professional service and high quality of workmanship, every single time. Call us now for an assessment of your home to make it energy efficient.

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