Commercial Hot Water Systems

Commercial Hot Water Installation & Repair Experts.

Commercial grade hot water systems are very different from their residential counterparts in terms of their output, size and durability. Though the basic function is the same as residential, commercial systems need to be monitored and maintained regularly to ensure you get the most efficient output for your business.

If your business relies on the use of hot water systems for its day to day functioning, we at Prompt Plumbing & Electrical are licensed professionals equipped to provide you with:

  • Supply and replacement of any brand hot water system
  • New hot water system installation
  • Servicing of all hot water systems
  • Repairs and replacements of all small to major parts

We handle repairs of all hot water systems in the market and no repair is too big or small for us to take on. Some of the most common hot water systems we service on a regular basis are:

  • Building water heaters to accommodate the needs of an entire property like hotels.
  • Tankless heaters which use heat or electricity to provide hot water
  • Hot water storage systems, where the tanks are filled with water at set temperatures, available for use anytime.

A regular preventive maintenance schedule will not only keep your systems from breakdown but will also help detect and correct any equipment anomalies that may be present. Our tradies will also give you honest advise on the state of your hot water systems and the type of action needed for its optimal performance. As a licensed plumbing contractor, we work on all sizes and brands of hot water systems without voiding the existing warranties on your equipment and provide services in Perth and its surrounding suburbs.

Call us today to get the most cost effective hot water system for your business. We guarantee the highest quality products and workmanship, each and every time.

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