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Clogged restaurant & commercial kitchen drains are one of the biggest contributors to business downtime. It is important to keep grease traps functioning if you run a restaurant, bar or a business that requires the heavy use of the kitchen and the plumbing and drains associated with them. Busy schedules may mean that you miss cleaning the grease trap which in turn will clog and back it up with fat, oil & grease. The smell, sight and downtime may cost you, important clients. When you hire the services of Prompt Plumbing & Electrical, we guarantee your restaurant and clients will never face this inconvenience.

Our expert team is available round-the-clock to perform installations, replacements, regular maintenance and cleaning services for grease traps. Our experienced commercial plumbers have the knowledge of working with all kinds of grease traps ranging from the smaller hydromechanical models to the automatic grease cleaners. Having our team onboard means that your drains will never be out of commission. Our tradies will thoroughly clean your grease trap and scrape away every bit of grime and food debris.

From small kitchens to the largest, we have the tools, skills and expertise to handle grease traps of all dimensions. Our thorough process begins by draining internal and external traps, cleaning and testing them and disposing the waste at licensed facilities. Our commercial clients have come to rely on our unparalleled skilled services in Perth and its suburbs.

Don’t wait to be penalized when your grease traps leak grease into the water system. Schedule a regular maintenance or go in for a complete replacement if you notice that the frequency of cleaning exceeds the normal threshold causing grease to constantly build and back up. In addition to regular maintenance and installation of new grease trap systems, we also offer 24/7 grease trap emergency service, video inspections and water jetting.

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