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Planning a Subdivision? Building a new home? Renovating your existing place? Then it’s the right time to consult the industry experts for electrical design and engineering services. A methodically designed and well-executed electrical system is critical to any home. With years of experience under our belt, we at Prompt fully understand the importance of getting this right from the get-go.

Our team is adequately staffed and fully qualified to take care of all your Electrical Engineering Design service needs from start to finish. We tailor our designs to suit your requirements by giving you the equipment specifications and drawings for approval prior to carrying out seamless installations. After completion of the project, our team provides you with detailed documentation that elaborates on the work done in compliance with Australian electrical standards. We also emphasise on proper planning and documentation to have fewer changes along the way and complete the project within the budget and on time.

Our success in electrical design and engineering projects is also a result of the high-end software we use combined with advanced hardware. We incorporate the latest automated systems and adopt principles of green architecture in our projects. This helps us deliver projects that are high performance and environmentally sustainable.

Any construction or renovation project involves many teams working together which is why we give a lot of importance to thorough project management and collaborate with all stakeholders. For instance, we will work closely with your Architect to consider every physical aspect of the house while planning the electrical systems. Making sure that the right provisions are made beforehand will help you avoid unnecessary rewiring work in the future. Modern homes have multiple electrical system design considerations that need to be accounted for. We plan in a way that power is regulated and distributed to everything from delicate plug-in electronics to heavy power guzzlers like HVAC systems. In addition to taking care of all the existing requirements, we also work to facilitate any future upgrades.

Safety is our top priority and we take extra care to have seamless integration of critical safety systems such as fire alarms, fire protection (sprinkler) systems, and emergency backup generators. All our tradespersons are licensed and fully insured to ensure full compliance with local safety regulations.

Our Electrical Design and Engineering services include:

  • Electrical design and AutoCAD services
  • Power generation design and installation
  • Home automation and process controls
  • Electrical panel layout
  • Electrical lighting and product design
  • Fire alarm system installation and testing
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Preventive electrical maintenance
  • Infrared testing and reporting
  • And much more

At Prompt, we are committed to providing high-quality design and installation services throughout the Perth Metropolitan Area and will not disappoint you. A good electrical system is not just a sum of high-quality electrical components. Proper planning and engineering of systems with excellent reliability takes a lot of expertise and dedicated effort. We have the experience and expertise in-house to make your new home perfect. Call us now to consult our experienced professionals for your project.

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