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Every home needs a functional kitchen. Any plumbing problems with the sinks, dishwasher, taps can grind your work to a halt. At Prompt Plumbing & Electrical we are very conscious of the role a kitchen plays in your home. All our kitchen plumbing services are geared towards providing you with quick, efficient, affordable and quality repairs. With years of kitchen plumbing experience, we are well equipped to take on repairs of any type and size.



Leaky taps can quickly turn into an emergency water flooding situation if left unattended. Our tradies are experts in the repair and maintenance of all tapware ranging from small part repairs to installing a new tap. Our plumbing pros will find the cause of the leak and fix it at the root.


Fridge Plumbing

New fridges are technologically advanced and come with a range of features like water or ice dispensers. For this to work properly, you will need to ensure that the water line to the fridge is correctly installed. Using the services of a professional like Prompt Plumbing will ensure that this is done right the first time and you can enjoy the benefits of your fridge.  Don’t panic if you do not have a water line installed – we can get this job done expertly and quickly.


Sinks & Drain Cleaning

Blocking kitchen drains are a nuisance. Usually caused by grease and food scrap build up are smelly and very hard to clear. When the water from your kitchen sink is slow to drain out or your sink is gurgling over a period, it’s time to call the experts at Prompt Plumbing.  With our state of the art hydro-jetting equipment Our plumbers will clear all food debris, grease and mineral build-ups and restore your drains. We also install new sinks and replace old ones should the need arise.


Water Filters

The way we source our water in the Perth areas is changing rapidly. Look to us to Taylor a filter system for your home or business. Whatever be your water filtration system need, we are always on hand to fix and install water filters and cartridges for all brands. Our pros have the skills and knowledge necessary to handle every water filtration system on the market. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.


Emergency kitchen plumbing situations can arise anytime. We are just a call away 24/7 and will promptly be there to set things right. You can trust us to provide exceptional personalised service, affordable solutions and a quality job with every visit.

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