Solar Energy Systems

Power Your Home Using Sunlight and Save Precious Dollars

Perth is lucky to be blessed with ample sunlight throughout the year. Why not make the most of this by installing Solar Energy Systems at your home? These renewable energy systems help you harness the sun’s rays to generate electricity for free without impacting the environment negatively. Installation of solar energy systems also come with added incentives for any extra power that you generate, whether you use it or decide to sell it back to the grid. This makes investing in solar energy not only an environmentally ethical decision, but it also yields returns.

At Prompt, we have the in-house expertise to set-up solar panels to partially or completely cater to your home’s electricity needs. We offer all types of residential solar services including renewable energy consulting, energy audits, engineering/design, project management, installation and maintenance. Our team has the experience installing a variety of solar systems, including grid-connect, roof-mount, ground-mount, and tracking systems. Book an appointment with us and we’ll be happy to conduct an on-site assessment to determine the most appropriate system to match your needs. We will tailor a solar solution to meet your home’s electrical requirements.

We are certain that you will not regret the investment in solar energy systems. It’s only a matter of few years before you start seeing a return on your investment owing to government schemes and sale of extra units. In short, you end up buying less power and selling the excess generated by your systems back to the retailers. Depending on your energy usage, we can design a system to get you maximum returns.

When you choose Prompt to design and install your solar system, you can rest assured that you will get the best panels and components that meet all the Australian standards. It’s our goal to ensure that all our installations are efficient, durable, and last for years to come. We also pride ourselves in hiring highly skilled professionals who are trained, certified, and experienced for the job. At Prompt, a hassle-free and seamless experience is our guarantee.

Types of solar energy systems we can install include:

  • Grid-connected solar PV systems
  • Grid-connected solar PV systems with battery backup
  • Standalone power systems

Like with any other home installations, it’s important to properly maintain solar panels. Our experienced staff can work with you to customise a regular maintenance plan to get you the most out of your system. We are experts at detailed fault-finding and can repair any type of installation with ease. Don’t panic if your solar panel is not performing as well as you expected. Sometimes all it needs is good cleaning to run optimally.

Our repair and maintenance services include:

  • Fixing damaged solar panels
  • Inverter maintenance including swaps and relocation
  • Panel cleaning and maintenance
  • Overall performance checks
  • Checking for roof leaks
  • Removal/relocation/replacement of solar panels
  • Solar system upgrades and warranty claims

For all your solar power needs, call the professionals at Prompt. Our team of experts can service your requests efficiently and effectively throughout the Perth Metropolitan area. When you decide to go green, we’ll be there to make sure it’s done exceedingly well.

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