Power Upgrades

Enhance Your Building's Performance with Power Upgrades.

Power upgrades and retrofits are a great way to make your electrical system more energy efficient and reliable. At Prompt, we’ll work with you to understand the needs and engineering strategies of your building to suggest the most optimal solutions. Power upgrades are essential in any building that has gone through recent infrastructure/equipment changes to keep up with the growing energy requirements.


Switchboard upgrades

Just as the equipment used by any business is upgraded with changing times, the electrical system also needs to be updated at some point. If you have noticed flickering lights, short-circuiting appliances, or an overcrowded switchboard, it’s time to call a licensed electrician. Switchboards are a critical part of power supply, and we can help you ensure that they are functioning well. Old switchboards can also be a fire risk and a shock hazard.

Some switchboard related checks and upgrades we perform include:

Installation of new switchboards

  • Upgrading switchboards to handle greater power demand
  • Upgrading to allow for 3 phase power
  • Addition of safety switches
  • Replacement of old fuse boards with new circuit breakers and safety switches

If you suspect that your switchboard is too old or unable to cope with your business’ changing needs, call us now for an assessment.


Electrical Sub-Meter upgrades

If you are looking to add sub-metering in your commercial premises to better understand and manage energy consumption, we’re here to help. Using sub-metering, we can break the site down into smaller sections so you can tell exactly where your energy is going and save on energy costs. We have a team of fully qualified and licensed electricians who can take care of new installations or replacement of old meters as well. Along with installations, we can also provide you with remote metering technologies so you have online access to all your energy data.


Dome Installation Upgrades

While renovating your premises, overhead wires can be quite an obstacle. Our licensed tradies can connect your switchboard to underground power from the Western Power Dome. This also makes your premises look much neater and nicer. If the wiring in your building is very old, it’s also likely that it doesn’t comply with current standards of insulation. Our team can perform an assessment and conduct rewiring if required.


Backup Generator Upgrades

Even though your generator still works, it might be worth considering an upgrade to incorporate a growing business, newer technologies, and to reduce your carbon footprint. At Prompt, we have years of experience working with backup generators and can find the right solution for your business. Types of backup generator upgrades covered by us include:

  • Change/rewiring of generators
  • Change of engine
  • Control system and control panel updates
  • Fuel system upgrades
  • Safety upgrades based on the latest standards


Upgrades to the electrical systems at your commercial place are a highly recommended practice to reduce long-term costs and improve the performance of your infrastructure. Call Prompt Plumbing & Electrical for an obligation-free quote.

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