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Your Electrical Emergency is Our Priority 24/7

Struggling with a sudden power failure at home? Tripping fuses? An electrical problem can come unannounced at any time and we understand the importance of finding quick help. At Prompt, we offer 24/7 emergency call out services to take care of your problems even if they come up in the middle of the night. Our expert tradies can resolve your electrical failures on the spot and restore electricity safely in your home. Our repair vans are well equipped so that any repair work/replacements can be done immediately. Your safety is our priority and we employ the best of personnel and use modern equipment to offer you high-quality services.

We not only guarantee high-quality workmanship by our team of experienced electricians but also offer very competitive prices to our customers. Our goal is to provide a fast service, quick free quotes, and fully licensed/insured electrical services. We give personal care and attention to every electrical job, however big or small.


Complete or partial power failure

Our electricians work to identify the power outage cause and restore the power as quickly as possible.


Electrical smells

Electrical fumes can be dangerous. Switch off the mains and call us immediately to diagnose the problem and fix it.



Damaged circuits, electrical panel faults, faulty wiring, power surges could be some of the reasons for you to notice sparks. It’s best to have a professional visit you.


Warm outlets

Hot electrical outlets can start a fire. Call us for quick repairs and avoid a fire hazard.


Tripping circuit breakers

It’s possible that your circuit breakers are overloaded or worn out. We can quickly assess and conduct repairs or replacements.


Other problems

We can quickly fix other emergency problems including faulty or flickering lighting systems, exposed or cracked service wire, blowing fuses and short circuits, malfunctioning outside lights or any others.


Circuit Breaker Replacements

The lifeblood of our homes, electricity, runs trough circuit breakers. They are designed to protect the wiring in your home from unexpected electricity spikes. Without circuit breakers, your wiring could overload, overheat, or catch fire. As you continue to add more appliances in your home, the load on the wiring continues to increase. It’s important to ensure that your circuit breaker and wiring is completely up to date, in good working condition and able to meet the growing electricity demands at your home. The licensed electricians at Prompt can perform a thorough evaluation of your electrical system at home to ensure that everything is in order. We have years of experience with circuit breakers and can help you keep your home safe.

If you have a constantly tripping circuit breaker or it’s hot to touch, chances are that you need a circuit breaker replacement or an energy management plan. Breakers are relatively inexpensive but it’s best to leave any electrical repairs/replacements to the professionals. Trying to carry out repairs yourself can be dangerous even though it seems simple. Prompt’s licensed and trained electricians can properly restore operation/install a replacement safely and efficiently. Depending on the growing electricity needs of your home, we can recommend an upgraded model for safe and efficient use.


We’re always on call for all your emergency electrical needs throughout the Perth Metropolitan area. Every time you reach out to us, we will serve you with solutions to keep the power grid in your home running safely and reliably. You can count on us to get to you fast and get the job done with the highest quality workmanship. Give us a call anytime of the day, night or week!

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