Testing & Tagging

We Ensure the Safety of All Electrical Equipment at Your Workplace!

Keeping in mind workplace safety standards in Australia, regular testing and tagging of all electrical appliances is highly recommended. It is not uncommon for electrical devices to give out a shock or cause a fire due to faults that are not immediately visible. Our trained electricians at Prompt can conduct a thorough inspection of your site and apply durable tags to devices to indicate their safety status. Our team will work with you to also repair or replace any faults identified. All work is completed to the highest standards with minimal disruption to your business.


Visual and Electrical Testing

Prompt’s experienced professionals can conduct an inspection to assess the testing/tagging requirements in your building. All types of fixed and portable electrical equipment are covered in our thorough process. Low-risk environments might require only a visual inspection. In other cases, electrical testing is also required.

During visual inspection, we check for any visible damages to the appliances, supply cords, plugs, sockets, covers, and guards. This test is usually followed by electrical tests to ensure faults that are not visibly apparent are also identified. This includes checking for Insulation Resistance, Leakage Current Testing, Polarity, and Earth Resistance.


Tagging and Log Maintenance

After the testing process is complete, we attach durable tags to each inspected equipment with details about the test. The tag contains details such as inspection date, next scheduled inspection date, test passed/failed and repairs done. Items that carry a danger/fail tag need to either be repaired or replaced to ensure continued safety at your workplace. It is helpful to tag even new items to indicate they are newly purchased/not tested and when they need to be tested next. Along with the tagging of devices, we also help maintain detailed logs of all the tests performed and their results.


Repairing Faulty Equipment

It’s important to immediately stop using any equipment identified as faulty during the testing/tagging process. We can help repair items so that they can be safely reintroduced. Once the repairs are completed, a fresh tag is attached and the details of repairs conducted are also recorded in the logs.



If you are looking to safeguard all the electrical equipment at your workplace, call us at Prompt Plumbing & Electrical now for an obligation free quote. We can take care of the test and tag process for your business from start to finish. You can trust our experienced professionals to keep your building safe and compliant at all times. Call us and stay hassle-free!

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