Preventative Maintenance Services

Stop Plumbing Problems Before They Happen!

As a business owner, you know that a plumbing problem can arise anytime. This not only causes unexpected downtime but also leaves you vulnerable to dealing with new plumbers and high expenses. Though plumbing systems have considerably evolved during the years, when they break down, it takes a toll on your property and utility bills.

The quicker a plumbing problem is spotted, the easier it may be to rectify at a lower cost. That is why our licensed plumbing technicians at Prompt Plumbing & Electrical will always advise you to be proactive about maintaining all the plumbing installed on your premises. The best way to ensure that your plumbing does not fail you is to implement a routine maintenance schedule. At Prompt, we will not only help maintain your plumbing but also give you honest advice on the life of your installed plumbing fixtures.

Our commercial plumbing preventative maintenance schedule is focussed on providing you with the most up to date and efficient service. We service all of Perth and its suburbs and will work with your business closely so that you never have downtime due to a plumbing break down. On-time maintenance of your commercial property will ensure your plumbing systems operate at peak efficiency at all times. It will also help you in retaining tenants long term and providing a stress-free environment.

Our preventative inspection & maintenance services include checking:

  • Pipes for signs of corrosion, stains, rust which have the potential to break down and cause serious water damage.
  • Water pumps and pressure testing which may be indicative of a debris build up or a problem with the water mains.
  • Toilet fittings to check if they are in good working order
  • Water heating equipment
  • Gas pipes & meters
  • Backflow & grease traps
  • HVAC systems
  • Steam & boiler rooms
  • Sewage systems
  • Well and sump pumps

We will keep a complete maintenance log of your plumbing fixtures and equipment so that your property is never inconvenienced due to a plumbing problem. Don’t wait for a minor plumbing concern escalate into an expensive emergency. Call us now to discuss the best preventative maintenance schedule for your business and save time and dollars.

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