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Tired of spending thousands $$$$ on equipment repairs? Excessive labour costs on polishing dishes and glasses after they have been trough the dishwasher. WE CAN HELP!

Tired of spending hundreds $$$ of dollars on bottled water for your office? WE CAN HELP!

Does your water filtration system need a replacement filter? WE CAN HELP!

Call Prompt Plumbing today to find the ideal water filtration system that meets your needs or to replace or repair your existing system. Our team of dedicated plumbing professionals is available throughout Perth and surroundings to help you with commercial water filtration system installation, maintenance and repair services.

Commercial water filters are an important requirement for many businesses like restaurants,
hospitals, universities, gyms, beauty salons, and so on. Installing one for your business not only
ensures safe drinking water on your premises but it also protects your equipment, also lowers operating costs and increases

Being based in Perth means we understand the water quality of the area. Our highly qualified tradies
can remove calcium, iron, tannins, minerals, sediment, and other impurities from your water, leaving
it clean and suitable for drinking. We will work with you to make sure your commercial water
filtration system stays working properly by offering a preventative annual maintenance plan, as well
as a 24/7 emergency service if you ever need it.

Installing a commercial water filtration will:

  • Help maintain and retain water quality based on local health regulations
  • Protect Equipment from corosion.
  • Prevent the presence of harmful pathogens and contaminants in the water
  • Produce water based on the business requirement. E.g. Hospitals and Labs
  • Help reduce corrosion & eliminate discoloration
  • Efficiently recycle wastewater

Our commercial water filter service includes:

  • Advice and installation of a water filtration system custom suited to your business type.
  • Repairs and replacements on existing systems without voiding any existing warranties on your
    existing systems.
  • Scheduled & amp; preventative maintenance service of your system to always ensure high water
  • Emergency callout service, 24/7, so your business never faces any downtime due to
    compromised water quality.

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