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Keep your family safe and healthy by installing the right ventilation systems at home. Good quality ventilation can draw fresher and drier air into the house. As a result, the moist and stale air that causes condensation and mould is forced out. At Prompt, we have years of experience installing and repairing all types of ventilation related products. Our highly qualified electricians can assess the specific needs of your home and suggest the best system for you. Whether you are looking for installations in your kitchen, bathroom, or your entire home, we can help.

Lack of proper ventilation can also result in foul odours, warped woodwork, peeling paint, and mould. Not taking care of these issues in time leads to costly repairs and several health issues. Apart from drawing in clean air, ventilation systems also improve the efficiency of heating and cooling in your rooms. Styles and features of ventilation systems have evolved over the years and we pride ourselves in staying up to date with changing technologies. Call us now for an obligation free quote. We’ll evaluate your home ventilation needs so your family can breathe only clean air. Our team at Prompt can assist you with everything related to ventilation systems from installation to maintenance and repairs. We have your best interest in mind and guarantee extremely high quality of workmanship.


Exhaust Fans

A properly installed exhaust fan can remove moisture, fumes, odours, and bacteria from your home. To promote good quality air indoors, our licensed tradies can help you identify which fans to install and where to install them. Bathrooms and kitchens almost always require a good exhaust system. We can also install fans equipped with a light/heating unit to provide warmth during colder days. Whether you are looking for a new installation to be made or an existing exhaust system to be repaired, we can take care of it.

Some types of exhaust systems we install include:

  • Central exhaust systems for the entire home using a network of ducts
  • Automatically operated systems with changing room humidity levels
  • Manually operated systems
  • Window, Wall, or Ceiling mounted fans


Whirly Birds

If your air-conditioned home still feels hot while your power bills are continuing to rise, it’s time to invest in good roof ventilation. Whirlybirds installed on your roof can help reduce heat and humidity buildup. At Prompt, our qualified electricians can work with you for new installs and servicing/repairs of existing whirlybirds. We have experience dealing with both mechanical and wind-driven systems. It’s important that you select and install the right system to ensure that design flaws, high running noise, and other malfunctions don’t creep in later.

Contact our experienced staff at Prompt for assistance with design, installation, and maintenance of the best ventilation system for your needs. To keep your ventilation systems in proper working order, we also recommend signing up for a regular maintenance package. Regular checks can help avoid any unwanted breakdowns and expensive repairs. High quality of workmanship is our guarantee, and we’ll help you get the best out of your investment. Call Prompt now for an obligation-free quote. Our team is also available 24/7, 365 days a year to service your home ventilation needs.

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