Electrical Power Upgrades

Power Upgrades to Make Your Home Safe and Efficient

Does your electrical system meet your evolving power needs? This is a very important question for all homeowners to ask. It is critical that your house is powered properly to continue to enjoy electrical efficiency. In most cases, an electric service upgrade is not only desirable for efficiency but a safety necessity. An obsolete home electrical system can mean constant flickering lights, tripping circuit breakers and too few outlets for your appliances. Not only are these an inconvenience for homeowners but they also pose a serious safety hazard. An electric service upgrade requires professional help from an experienced team of electricians. At Prompt, we have the expertise and solutions to perform customised power upgrades in your home.

As devices become more technologically advanced, we must adapt electrical systems as well to keep up. Many homes do not have the capacity to support high-powered devices which burden the weak electrical systems and pose a risk of a fire. It’s best to act now and secure your home and make it more efficient with a power upgrade. We can help you stop unwanted electrical interruptions, so you can be secure, care-free and enjoy continuous electricity in your home. Call our certified electricians at Prompt to upgrade your home today.


Overhead to Underground Power

Overhead power lines make the house look quite unappealing and can also be dangerous, especially in bad weather. At Prompt, we have the expertise and equipment to convert your overhead lines into an underground system. If you are thinking of making a switch, call us for an obligation-free quote. Our team can handle the entire process end to end. This includes assessing your requirements, securing permissions from Western Power, and installing consumer mains from a pillar to your switchboard.


Home Surge Protectors

Upgrading to surge protection on your switchboard can protect electrical equipment from damage due to voltage fluctuations. Instead of buying protection boards for each device, we recommend a central installation in your home. This will not only save you a lot of money but also help you stay hassle-free. Book an appointment with us today and we assure you quick and reliable installation.


Dedicated Appliance Circuits

To prevent overloading, it is recommended that you fix dedicated circuits for your major appliances like freezers, dryers, fridges, heat pumps, and air conditioners which take up more power. Based on your appliance usage, our expert electricians can recommend and install dedicated circuits in your home.


Other Upgrades

Multiple other electrical upgrades carried out by our team include rewiring, circuit installation and updates, circuit breaker replacements, circuit board upgrades, dome installations, CO2 detectors and smoke detectors, and more.


If you wish to upgrade your home’s electric systems, call the experts at Prompt. Once we complete an upgrade in your home, you’ll rest easy knowing that you have greatly reduced the safety risks and electrical inefficiencies in your house. Our services are available 24/7, 365 days a year throughout the Perth Metropolitan with your best interest in mind.

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