Water Main Repairs

We’ve got you covered! Problem with your commercial water line? We’ve got you covered!

Water mains are the major pipes which carry water to your home or business from the main water reservoir in the city. Any breaks, leaks or disturbances caused to these underground pipes can either shut off water supply or cause damage to your property including major business disruption due to water shut down.

There can be many reasons for a water main problem;

  • Extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Age of the water main line
  • Water quality like hardness causing buildup in pipes and drains causing corrosion & leaks
  • Construction, soil erosion in and around your property

At Prompt Plumbing & Electrical we are licensed and experienced experts in water line installations and regularly undertake maintenance, repairs and replacements of:

  • Water main leaks
  • Burst water pipes
  • Water leak detection

A water main problem can start off small and can escalate to an emergency if not corrected in time. The common signs of a water main problem are:

  • Water pooling and leaks around hydrants, manhole covers or your water supply areas
  • Sinkholes, standing water in and around your property
  • Extreme overgrowth in parts of your green areas
  • Pavements and sidewalks buckling around your property

When you call us, we will inspect the water mains and advise you if you need a repair or replacement so that the safety of your business is not compromised. We will also take into consideration factors like the age of your pipes, the type of leak and decay before beginning any work.


We are also available 24/7, in case of a water main emergency. Our van is fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment to quickly and efficiently solve the problem. If you have a water main issue or just need a qualified plumber to inspect the water main pipes, call our expert team for honest, practical advice. As licensed plumbers, we can handle any job big or small.

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