August 26, 2020

Toilet paper blocking toilet

“If we can’t fix it- then its BUGGERED”


G’day everyone and welcome to Prompt Plumbing and Electrical. Today I’d like to teach you how to clear your own blocking toilet because somebody has decided to block it up with tons of toilet paper.

All right this is your standard blockage and one of your kids has filled up the toilet- lots of toilet paper. Look at that. This is a common sort of blockage. Look at that. Just tons of paper. “Them little rascals” .  So a child has blocked it up with lots of toilet paper.

You look at it. It’s a disaster. You are thinking You gotta call a plumber. We With this sort of a blockage it doesn’t always have to be a disaster and it doesn’t have to be an emergency plumbing call out. All you need is a small plunger. Now I’m gonna show you how to fix this quite promptly, so stick around.

Step 1

Get a toilet plunger. If you don’t know what plunger you need see the video attached.
All right let’s go in there and grab our tool. Now that we got our tool we’re gonna drive back. This is a crazy looking plunger. That’s what you really need if you wanna have some sort of success with your blockages. That’s exactly what you need.

Fixing the blocking toilet.

Step 2

All righty. Now that you have a plunger-Here we are. Our blocking toilet has receded a little bit, But don’t let that trick you. So what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna flush it, find out if it’s still blocked. It definitely is. Let’s take care of it. All right. So what you wanna do is place the plunger in the toilet- just let it fill up with water. Get it down to the base of the toilet. And a couple of plunges and there it is. Fixed. Give it another plunge. All right. That’s working perfectly.

For those of you that were concerned about the quantity of toilet paper that went down there, it was all in the name of education. I hope this little video has helped you clear a basic blockage. If it is something more serious like one of these toilet ducks has gone down there and it’s causing an obstruction in the drain or you’ve got tree roots causing the obstruction, do give us a call ’cause that’s gonna require the professionals to take care of it. Thank you so much and I’ll see you on the other side. Bye for now.