July 22, 2022

Rheem continues flow Error 11



Below is a quick overview of the Rheem continues flow hot water unit Error code 11 and other break down diagnosis.


What does Error 11 mean on a Rheem gas continuous flow water heater? Error 11 is one of the more common errors we find on this type of appliance and is caused by one of three issues.

  1. no gas supply failure to ignite or failure to sense flame. So how do you determine which is the root cause? Well, we are gonna give you some simple things that you can do without the use of any measuring equipment, just using your own sensors to determine the root cause. Firstly, we’ll ask you to take the front cover off the water heater. Now, please be careful as this exposes live voltage. On opening of a hot tap, You should first hear the fan, come on. And then you’ll hear a series of clunks, which is the gas valve or valves opening. Next, you should be able to smell a little bit of gas coming out of the flu.
  2. The next thing you’ll hear is a series of clicks, which is the igniter running. And finally, you should be able to feel some warm flu gases coming out of the flu. So if you don’t smell any gas, this is an indication that you don’t have a gas supply, go and check for any closed isolation valves. It could also mean that the gas solenoid valves in the appliance are failed.
  3. Next, if you smell gas, but you don’t hear clicking, this is indication that the igniter has failed. If you do hear the clicking, but after looking through the viewing window, you see flame momentarily, and then it goes out. It’s an indication that the flame rod is not working. This is different to era code 12, which is flame was sensed, but then lost, which is most likely an insufficient gas supply pressure issue.

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